The Linye chair family: Heavy-duty chairs for various spaces, featuring robust epoxy-coated steel legs, German machinery, and a 5-year warranty. Synchronized design with polyamide backrest and armrests. White or black matte frame, and a soft molded foam seat with fabric options from the Sunday family.

หมวดหมู่ : KANO Chair

แบรนด์ : KANO

Collection Overview
Training Chairs: 4-Spoke Black Legs with Wheels (foldable seat & nestable)
Pantry Chairs: Sled Base or 4 Metal Legs

Finish Overview
Fabric Finish Options: Burst Yellow / Jean Blue / Light Grey / Rust Orange / Lime Green / Charcoal Grey
Fabric Family: Sunday Polyester Fabric (MA) Linen-like feel
Matte PA Plastic Colors: Black or White


Robust Heavy-Duty Design: The Linye Multipurpose Chair family is ideal for robust use in spaces like pantries, casual seating areas, and training rooms. Its epoxy powder-coated steel legs ensure stability and longevity, backed by German machinery and a 5-year warranty for quality assurance.


Synchronized Design Language: The chair's synchronized design with matching polyamide perforated backrest and fixed armrests enhances aesthetics, comfort, and functionality.Versatile Seating Options: Linye Multipurpose Chair suits various needs. In training rooms, it has a mobile 4-spoke black leg design and foldable seats for storage. For pantry or casual seating, select a sled base or 4 metal legs for space flexibility.Customizable Aesthetics: Versatile customization with fabric finishes in Burst Yellow, Jean Blue, Light Grey, Rust Orange, Lime Green, and Charcoal Grey. The Sunday Polyester Fabric offers comfort and style, while the matte PA plastic frame in Black or White seamlessly integrates into your design.


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