The Yodo Multipurpose Armchair: A versatile office statement. Use as a lounge chair or in a sofa setting. Supportive cushions, robust epoxy coated black steel frame and legs for added strength and durability, and floor-friendly rubber glides for anti-slippage and protection are included.

หมวดหมู่ : KANO Sofa

แบรนด์ : KANO

Finish Overview
Leather Finish Options: Khaki, Black, Grey, Coffee, Roman Tan or Yellow
Leather Material: Vegan Leather (S13)
Fabric Material: Gabriel Medley (ME) or Sunday Fabrics (MA)
Special Houndstooth Fabric Pattern for the pillow and seat (option)
Meteor Grey Epoxy powder coated steel legs and frame


Versatile Multifunctionality: The Yodo Executive Armchair is a versatile piece designed to elevate your office space. Its multifunctional design allows it to serve as both a lounge chair and a sofa seating, adapting seamlessly to various settings and needs.


Exceptional Comfort and Support: Enjoy exceptional comfort with soft cushions on the back and seat of the Yodo Armchair. Whether for a quick break or extended seating, it offers a cozy and relaxing experience.Stylish Design and Material Variety: Make a statement with unique design and versatile material options, including leather finishes like Khaki, Black, Grey, Coffee, Roman Tan, or Yellow. Choose between vegan leather or premium fabrics and enjoy the elegance of the Special Houndstooth Fabric Pattern.Durability and Floor Protection: The Yodo Armchair features a durable black epoxy powder-coated steel frame and legs with a modern Meteor Grey finish. It includes rubber glides for floor protection and stability, ensuring both style and floor preservation.


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