The VEE Series offers modern minimalism, spacious comfort, and efficient organization. Crafted from high-quality, easy-to-clean materials with a stain, odor, and germ-resistant surface, it features a versatile design that suits various room decors.

หมวดหมู่ : KANO System

แบรนด์ : KANO

Collection Overview
Executive Desk: 1436*1200*780 / 1636*1200*780 / 1600*1257*750 / 1800*1282*750
Wall Cabinet: 1800*400*1232
Meeting Table: 1600*900*750 / 1800*900*750 / 2000*1000*750
Cluster of 4 Workstation: 2054*1200*780 / 2454*1200*780 / 2690*1200*780 / 3090*1200*780

Finish Overview
CF41 Nash Oak Melamine Finish or CF42 Mocha Oak Melamine Finish
CF05 New White undertones

Modern Minimalism and Efficient Design: The Vee Panel Based Workstation System blends modern minimalism and functionality, ensuring efficiency and comfort in your workspace.


Durable and Easy-to-Maintain Material: The workstation system is made from premium materials, ensuring durability. Its special surface material is stain, odor, and germ-resistant, making it easy to maintain a clean and hygienic workspace.Versatile and Adaptable: The Vee Series offers executive desks, wall cabinets, meeting tables, and workstations, allowing flexible customization to meet your workspace needs, whether it's for private work or collaboration.Elegant Aesthetics: The Vee Panel Based Workstation System combines modern minimalism and functionality while offering elegant finish options like CF41 Nash Oak Melamine Finish or CF42 Mocha Oak Melamine Finish for a stylish workspace.


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