NORA Series features a modern minimalist style to highlight its bow-shaped worktops and softly chamfered duo-tone desktops. It incorporates the feeling of large space with its light and warm tone finish combinations, while balancing the need for technology, privacy and space optimization.

หมวดหมู่ : KANO System

แบรนด์ : KANO

Collection Overview
Managers Desk:1600x1300 / 1800x1300 / 2000x1800 / 2250x1850 / 2450x1850mm
Workstation (Per Desk Size):1200x600 / 1400x700 / 1500x700mm  (extendable)
Cluster of 3: 2690 x 2330mm (extendable)
Conference Table:2000x1000 / 2400x1200 / 3000x1200mm
Optional Addons: Aluminum leg cover, Metal Cable Riser
Finish Overview
CF41 Nash Oak or CF42 Mocha Oak MFC Finish
CF05 White undertones and White epoxy poweder coated steel legs

The Nora Workstation System combines style, functionality, and customization, ideal for a modern and efficient workspace. Its modern minimalist aesthetics feature bow-shaped worktops and softly chamfered duo-tone desktops, adding an elegant touch to any workspace.


Flexible Size Configurations: The Nora Workstation System offers a range of sizes to suit different spatial requirements. From the Managers Desk to the Workstation and Cluster setups, you have the flexibility to choose from various dimensions, ensuring that the furniture fits seamlessly into your workspace.Enhanced Functionality and Customization: The Nora Workstation System provides extendable options for desk sizes and cluster setups, allowing customization to meet your office's specific needs. Optional add-ons like the Aluminum leg cover and Metal Cable Riser enhance functionality and organization.Elegant Finish Options: The Nora Workstation System offers two elegant MFC finish options: CF41 Nash Oak and CF42 Mocha Oak, complemented by White undertones and White epoxy powder-coated steel legs for a harmonious contrast.


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