WFH Furniture Essentials

When ‘Work From Home’ is a new working trend, an office corner in the personal living space becomes more necessary. Definitely, to create working space starts from choosing the right furniture that upholds both functions and styles of users to increase their positive energy of WFH all along.

The right desk

Desks or tables are where you place computers, notebooks, papers or other working tools, so its width and length have to perfectly match the user’s needs. Some like the large ones without any clusters or some just need smaller dimensions due to space limitation. The standard height of working tables is around 70 to 80 cm. However, its heights should be where you feel comfortable with your body; otherwise you would get office syndrome.

Styles of desks can generate the serene ambience for working as well. If you have the minimal interior design in limited spaces, the desks topped with transparent mirrors or the desks with white and light tones can support the feeling of larger spaces. If you have the modern or contemporary styles, the dark tones of brown, grey and black can level up the seriousness among working areas as well.

For some, the proper working corners are too serious for their homey feeling, the bar corners in kitchens or living rooms can provide a more relaxed ambience for work. Its dimensions should be subject to the user’s height. If you are a 170+ person, the bar stool’s height should be around 100 to 110 cm and the bar chair would be around 75 to 80 cm. The perfect difference of heights between stools and chairs should be around 25 to 40 cm, or you can choose the bar chairs that can be adjusted in heights for multi purposes then.

Favorite working chairs

Comfortable working chairs or ergonomic chairs will completely support your body and sitting gestures. Not too high to generate the leg and knee pains. Not too short to make you feel uncomfortable while working. The standard height is between 40 to 50 cm. Many ergonomic chairs are adjustable and full of knee, elbow, shoulder, neck and head supports to reduce the possibility of office syndrome.

Maybe ergonomic chairs might not be your answers as always. You can sit on lounge chairs for morning coffee times or dining chairs in minimal styles in order to build up the best comfort for sitting gestures while working as well. This could be another tip for limited working space in your bedroom and condominium, its aesthetics from organic shapes in different styles can increase the relaxed ambience for your space after working hours at the same time.

Choosing the right desk and chair for your home office can’t be just overlooked as one-third of your 24 hours are spent in this match of chair and desk. If it’s right in working functions, physical supports and mental comforts as well as its designs got mixed and matched in the same direction, it will absolutely improve your efficiency on ‘working from home’. Ten out of ten!

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