New home design to welcome ‘New-normal life’ in styles.

‘New Normal’ which means new ways of living a normal life becomes daily things to do at this moment. Covid-19 has changed so many things on living and home designs directly. As you could see that your home must turn to everything you need and everywhere you once needed to go, so how can we furnish our homes to be our everything and stay relaxed as a home should be at the same time.

New Normal No.1 : Work From Home

Work at Home or Study at Home will be more accepted, so many families need specific serious areas for working or studying, not to interrupt the relaxation part of the house. The home office or the studying corner basically requires desks and ergonomic chairs to support their health through long studying hours. You can be indirectly hurt in the long term if it doesn’t support your body.

New Normal No.2 : Home Dining

Home Dining: Cooking by yourself ensures your hygiene on what you eat. Materials for the right table and chairs for the dining room could be easily cleaned and strong with attractive designs. Wooden tables can warm up the dining atmosphere, or premium fabric chairs can level up the comfort during your dinner.

New Normal No.3 : Home Entertainment

Home Entertainment : Homes’ entertaining areas from streaming movies without going to anywhere crowded like cinemas or concerts. You can get entertained whenever you want on your favorite sofas or recliners to relax your body during the whole happy time.

Private Garden : Ease and calm by walking through the private garden instead of the public park to reduce the risk of getting infected from the crowd. So, just decorate the small private park and place your favorite outdoor chairs with simple designs in the specific spots to breathe fresh and get close to nature by not going to other places.

New Normal No.4 : Online Shopping

Online Shopping : In just a few clicks, those things are yours and delivered to the door, so you don’t need to go to the physical stores anymore for your own convenience. When you buy things online, just make sure that you have enough storage to store them orderly, not making any clusters to the warm home.

New Normal No.5 : Perfect Relax

When your home is a place for several activities, a perfect and relaxed bedroom is truly in need to have a serene, clean and private vibe for the best rest all the night along. Your mattress needs to support your body and your sleeping routine to reduce the bed shores. Its designs should get along with your style in calm and neutral colors to make you feel at ease before sleep.

Home is where you can do anything you want, so having furnishings or furniture easily cleaned, designed for comfort and luxurious in styles and supporting your new lifestyle can make brand new vibes and support your new lifestyles at home in the sophisticated way you’ve longed for.

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