Don’t you notice that your home shows your personality? It actually represents who you are or in which you are interested. Lifestyle furniture will tell you key elements of five home styles that everybody wishes to decorate their homes: Modern style, Contemporary style, Industrial style, Traditional style and Scandinavian style to blend your personality in your home as best as you wish.

Modern Style

Simply modern but premium materials and designs that never expire. Modern style is mainly about simplicity and focusing on the functions to serve your lifestyles usefully and aesthetically.

Color palettes for this style are neutral colors to display its coziness. It can be the light tones such as white or beige, then gets contrasted by the colorful palette through arts on the wall. You can use the earth tone as the base color, and add green accents by trees little by little.

Modern-styled furniture is more in simple designs which don’t complicate the homey feeling. Lines with symmetric balance are more preferred than curves. The geometric designs work well to strengthen the homey character. You can use wooden furniture to create warmth and generate the luxury vibe through the shining mirrors or metallic furniture.

Materials like marble or shining mirror can scale up the luxurious level. Make your room a bit chic of Industrial style by metal or bare cements. You can add more warmth by the wooden materials as well.

Contemporary Style

It’s how you decorate up to popular trends and designs which are up-to-dated. It doesn’t attach restrictedly to specific styles as any furniture can be freely filled into your space, so you can blend your personality in the changing trends. This would require a few considerations to think about.

The color tones of this style are beige, white, black and grey. Beige walls will fill the warmth. The black or dark grey walls can also fascinate house feelings.

However, your favorite color palette can display through simple designs of furniture. Not luxury. Clear shapes and structure. You can choose basic sofa beds and add the dimensions through unique legs of chairs at the same time. Materials can be anything but simple, plain without complex details for the smooth relaxation.

Placing a tree or a big green leaf will add more natural senses to this style. Applying in some corners would be good. If you have the allergies to the actual plants, the artificial ones, colorful art pieces, pictures or unique designs of lamps can build up the liveliness as well.

Industrial Loft

It’s influenced the leftover factories, which were changed for the residence. The actual structures often showcase raw materials such as bare metals, bricks or woods to remain its crafted characteristics, so it needs some things to boost up the industrial sense as always.

Color tone of this style is brown, black and grey. Bare-brick walls are well-recognized along with bold structure of steels over the ceiling. You can also place mirrors to showcase the glasshouse vibe.

The furniture to complement this style should be bare wooden, steels and transparent mirrors which display its natural colors and materials. Choose either unique or simple designs up to their own lifestyles. Additionally, the details of legs, backrests, or sofas can refine more luxurious atmospheres through dark brown tones.

If you want to soften the boldness, white walls can produce more relaxation with trees over the corner as well.

Traditional Style

This style prioritizes details, patterns and tracery of time. Their features are luxury with special patterns and uniqueness. By doing so, the symmetric layouts are necessary to balance two sides and make each detail outstanding.

The wooden furniture is often used for its craftsmanship, craving, and cleanliness quality. The more lights reflect on wooden materials, the more intriguing they look to your eyes. Sofas and armchairs in this style are more into curves with the bold lines, avoiding the geometric designs since it could dry out the overall traditional sense.

Color tones can be homeowners’ favorite colors, but most of the time, the color wall is more of classic and basic color palettes such as beige, white and light grey to blend the uniqueness of each furniture to be the same story. Then add more colorful accents through the outstanding furniture to bring the liveliness to the room.


‘Less is more’ is the concept of Scandinavian home style that focused on simplicity to create the warm, natural and approachable atmosphere. As Scandinavian countries face the longer time on winters rather than summers, they will need to create serene and warm houses for true relaxations.

Starting with the color palettes: beige, white, grey and black, they apply more neutral colors for serenity. High contrast such as black and white, midnight blue and white, dark grey and light grey can be used to create fun and dimensions to the room.

Choosing Scandinavian furniture still considers ‘simplicity’ at first. Minimalist furniture whose functions over designs are easy to get used, managed and composed for the clean layouts. The furniture should be made of wood as it can increase the natural sense of warmth and cozy Scandinavian vibes. Besides, this style works well with geometric decors where you can add your personality through the unique ornaments to your rooms as well.

As homes are where you live and your ‘safe zone’ at times, having a decent home that answers your lifestyle can make you miss the homey vibe through details of colors, furniture and other ornaments. We hope it helps you mix and match the furniture to create your home to become the most comfortable place of your life.

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