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NATUZZI EDITIONS is the world's best known furniture brand from Italy with twelve manufacturing plants worldwide. NATUZZI EDITIONS furniture is known for gorgeous top-grain leathers, great value and contemporary style. NATUZZI EDITIONS embodies passion in craftsmanship and detail in design. With designs ranging from transitional to contemporary and even casual, NATUZZI EDITIONS offers a versatile selection of stationary and motion furniture to enhance your life and suit your style.

Designed In Italy
A Natuzzi sofa brings the Italian quality and design all over the world. Our authentic quality and a strong commitment to research, social responsibility and environmental sustainability are the corporate values that the Group has adhered to throughout its history.
With strict attention to detail and the best structural mechanisms around, NATUZZI EDITIONS brings you enduring comfort and authentic beauty from the world’s leader in fine leather furnishings. Our leather upholstery expresses a natural nobility. This highly valued material isn't just long-lasting, but improves in appearance as the years pass. It's strong, flexible and naturally adapts to the shape of your body to offer the utmost comfort. Cool in summer and warm in winter, leather upholstery is easy to care for. Natuzzi Editions offers you an unparalleled choice of products in two families: Natural and Protecta.
Craftsmanship in Natuzzi Editions
Natuzzi Editions tailored for everyday living across the world, each piece of furniture using the very best leather to create supple, strong, and organic upholstery that are beyond compare. Each product undergoes countless tests to assess its resistance to load, stability, wear, friction, impact and light fastness. This is the only way to make sure our customers always have the best possible experience, even after many years.

Natuzzi Editions



฿ 43,600 ฿ 43,600
฿ 26,350 ฿ 26,350 -40%


฿ 64,500 ฿ 64,500
฿ 42,480 ฿ 42,480 -34%


฿ 67,800 ฿ 67,800
฿ 52,010 ฿ 52,010 -23%


฿ 68,400 ฿ 68,400
฿ 45,060 ฿ 45,060 -34%


฿ 117,800 ฿ 117,800
฿ 71,120 ฿ 71,120 -40%


฿ 124,800 ฿ 124,800
฿ 95,970 ฿ 95,970 -23%


฿ 41,200 ฿ 41,200
฿ 31,640 ฿ 31,640 -23%
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