Natuzzi Editions

The Name of COMFORT since 1959

The world leader in leather upholsterer brand that produces the authentic leather sofas by hearts, designs for absolute comfort in every inch of detail.

What’s more than ABSOLUTE COMFORT? We know how adventurous your day is, so our inspiration is that our sofas will welcome you with the best homey feeling that is priceless and incomparable with the best quality you would ask for.

PENSIERO Sofa : The modern style 3 seater reclining sofa has an open base and innovative powered - motion technology. With a simple touch on the buttons, you can adjust seating position and headrest independently. This state of the art loveseat will effortlessly become a centerpiece of your living room.

Designed In Italy

Natuzzi Editions is the global furniture brand from Italy, outstanding as one of the best quality leather sofas since 1959 with Italian savoir-faire, offering styles for every taste of living.


Natuzzi Editions team takes time in selecting the best quality of leather with exclusive formulas to enhance the quality, softness, load, stability, wear, friction, light and damage under the ultimate design within the international environmental regulations. We prioritize leather quality as the better the quality is, the more absolute comfort every leather sofa can offer you.

Craftsmanship in Natuzzi Editions

โซItalian craftsmanship is what Natuzzi Editions designers deliver with delicate details by their exquisite expertise along with cutting-edge technology to blend all effective methods and bring the meticulously crafted sofa in remarkably classic Italian designs for every inch of sofa touch.

VIGORE Sofa: The contemporary style 3 seater reclining sofa has the motion technology, easily adjusted for desirable seating position and headrest. This seating comfort will impeccably fulfill the empty corner of living rooms to be your favorite place in your home.