Minimalism is what you can perceive in many ways. Here, it could be ‘less and simple’ in decoration,  color tones or materials, but ‘rich’ in usefulness and the whole style. Minimalism is clearly applied in ‘Zen’ for the Easterners as trying to convey the simple composition of furniture in limited areas and flawless balance between places and people.

Functions and details of furniture always hides in the style. If they are left unused, their functions cannot be fully functioned. Some tables can be rotated to fit the different styles or some corners of sofas could be adjusted to comfort people as the heart of Minimalism as well.

White, grey or brown in the deeper shade and the colors from material itself are chosen to create the serenity and comfort in the house. As furniture is first for usages, lamps or other decorations are simple in patterns but truly show the outstanding styles of the room. To lessen the strength of your own character, you can put your favorite flowers on the vass to create colors for the room as well.