As we are entering the end of 2019, we would rather review trends of 2019 to update the new ideas for 2020!

No Frame

Design by Vasjen Katro

Frames guarantee the perfection of graphic design. In 2019, no-frame trend has been more popular for the designers to creative endlessly. No need to think of aligning on the left or the right. This trend is even more renowned among website designers as they do not need to think in the edge anymore.


Design by Maxim Shkret ibm And Sawdust

Design that combines 3D into one technique that makes the work look much more interesting With the features of 3D that are difficult to use if non-3D programs make the design look exciting, attracting audiences.

3D design during the period to create a new world of work. We often see exotic graphics. With features that are interesting in 3D work often


In the olden days, creating floating graphics That looks unrealistic. But when realism is not the essence of the design Design with Anti-gravity or without gravity is a trend that is gaining attention. With a new and exciting look, these designs increase natural curiosity.


Design by Mohamed Samir

When Minimalism is not the answer for everyone, colors can add more dynamics to life. Using the color as the centre can attract more attention. Although colors are outstanding in themselves, the mix of colors are necessary to be attractive enough for 2019, and the upcoming 2020.