Update!! PANTONE 2020

The color of 2020 is finally announced! For everyone who is waiting, the color theme of this year is Nature, Serenity and Comfort. Definitely, this time is called the tones of nature including the pastel tones. Let’s get updated about the upcoming colors of 2020!

Neo – Mint Green

Mint Green is obviously fresh by its name, showing the natural tone as well as the pastel color tone. The designer sums up this color as ‘The Fusion of Tech and Nature’ concept, which conglomerates the symbols of technology and nature. This color fits everyone in every generation. When this color is put into the collection of fashion, it gives the feeling of ‘Futuristic’. Anyone preferring the plain style can adapt it as well.


Cassis is the mix of purple and pink to be more attractive, contemporary and implying the confidence. One piece of your wearing clothes in this Cassis color, it gives us the vibe of high-class with a little bit of gentleness. Why don’t you try on this color to see another new look of yourself in this new year?

Neo – Purist Blue

Neo – Purist Blue invites you to the sea or ocean visits. Absolutely, seeing this color comforts you mildly with a glance of fun and excitement. Trying to adapt this color with new large-scale furniture or blankets is our recommendation to make you feel more comfy at your place.


The sweet and tender colors of Cantaloupe or the Coral tone which has been popular among ladies until now is clearly compatible with the summer of Thailand along 2020. It seems similar to the coral tone of 2019, but it changes your feelings for sure.

Mellow Yellow

Four years up until now, Mellow Yellow is continuously favored as it reviews a little bit of vintage styles. If you prefer all shades of yellow colors, you would be unconditionally happier with the new collections with this shade from many famous brands!