Classic Style resembles the Luxury style, but it keeps the pattern and composition of furniture focusing on the luxurious style rather than the usage. As the classic style needs to show its magnificent atmosphere, this style fits well in the houses with wide areas and high ceilings.

What’s remarkable in the classic style is the wooden features with the delicate details. The furnishings represent meticulousness. The fabrics are crystal clear in wooden pattern. The genuine leather is decorated with brass ornaments. The floor inevitably needs to be either marble or granite patterns. Additionally, the wall is decorated with pleat curtains hemmed with the twine rope congruously with the whole home decors.

Colors tones in the classic style often conveys the luxury. Most of them are the warm tone in gold, brown, copper orange, red, or beige colors. Wallpapers are frequently stunning in lace gold patterns, which signify the feeling of luxury irresistibly.